About The Cook-Off

The Cook Off is an exciting team event where participants will compete to be declared the Kiewa Valley Camp Oven Cook Off Champions, also known as The Champions.  Teams (hereby known as The Cooks) will be required to cook using a traditional bush cooking method –  camp ovens over a fire or hot coals.  Your gourmet creation will then be tasted and judged by  (insert dramatic music here)… The Consumers.   The Consumers are a very special team of people, who have elected to take on the enormous task of choosing The Champions.

The inaugural Kiewa Valley Camp Oven Cook Off is being held in the beautiful hamlet of Tangambalanga.  Better known to the locals as Tangam, this rural Victorian town in the beautiful Kiewa Valley is the perfect spot.  It is surrounded by Mount Murramurrangbong, sister town Kiewa (just on the other side of the Kiewa River), Kergunyah and Dederang just up the valley.

When is it?

The festival will be held on SUNDAY 15TH OCTOBER 2017.  Gates open from 10am and Main Course will be served to The Consumers (ticket holders) at 1pm.
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How do I get involved?


Do you have what it takes to become the Kiewa Valley Camp Oven Cook Off Champions?  Get your team together and prepare to compete on the day!

Teams can be up to 4 people working together to produce a main course and a dessert.   Each team will be provided with a Protein Voucher and a Vegetable Ration.  The Protein Voucher allows you to purchase your choice of meats from our friendly local butcher (O’Neills Butchery).  The Vegetable Ration allows you to purchase your choice of vegetables / fruits from the supplier. .  Then it is all up to you!  Your team decides what they will cook and provides any other ingredients required, including the dessert ingredients.   All entries must be cooked on site from scratch.

Are you a whizz at camp oven cooking?  Places for teams are limited. Don’t waste any time!  You can register your interest by emailing us via our contact page : HERE

Entry forms for teams and rules / regulations:

KVCOC FAQ for The Cooks &

KVCOC Entry Form and Conditions


Want to become one of the very special people that decides which team will be crowned The Champions?  As a Consumer, you will be issued with the necessary equipment (plates, cutlery, napkin, voting slip) to become the ultimate judge.  Two courses will be served to you, a sample of each teams’ Main Course and Dessert Course.  With up to 10 teams competing, that’s a big feed!  Make sure you have a small breakfast.

Once you have sampled this feast, it is up to you to decide who did it best!  Votes from all Consumers will be totaled and ultimately decide the Cook Off Champion!

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Sponsors are the lifeblood of any community event and the Cook Off is no exception.  The Cook Off team is always happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you. Contact us today to find out more about our sponsorship packages.




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